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Under normal circumstances, each cylinder is equipped with a set of ignition coils and spark plugs, and the service life of ignition coils is generally 100,000 kilometers or longer.

For car owners, if you want to make the ignition coil have a longer life, you should pay attention to the use of spark plugs. The use of aging spark plugs will increase its workload. In addition, you must pay attention to the water temperature of the car.

The reason that the ignition coil can change the low voltage electricity on the car to high voltage electricity is because it has the same form as the ordinary transformer. However, its working method is different from ordinary transformers. Ordinary transformers work continuously, and the ignition coil works intermittently. It repeatedly stores and releases energy at different frequencies according to the different speeds of the engine.

When the engine is running, there are often tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage pulse current on the ignition coil. Because it works in a high temperature, dusty, and vibration environment for a long time, it will inevitably aging or even break.

The user can’t usually ignore the abnormality of the ignition coil. If there is any abnormality, he must treat it carefully. The damage of the ignition coil is relatively easy to judge. When the vehicle suddenly moves abnormally when the engine is running (after driving for a long distance), it is also accompanied by a significant lack of power. At this time, you must consider the possibility of the ignition coil. Problem. Once the ignition coil is abnormal, the spark plug will not work, and then the gas mixture of this cylinder will not deflagrate. When the vehicle loses a cylinder, the power will be lost.

Based on the working characteristics of the ignition coil, MAI DING (MD Top-Autoparts) Company gives the car friends a few suggestions:

  1. Do not turn on the ignition switch when the engine is not running;
  2. The outer surface of the ignition coil should be kept clean, and the interior should be protected from moisture to maintain its good insulation performance;
  3. For the contact-type battery ignition system, when the gasoline engine stops running, the ignition switch should be turned off in time; when the ignition switch is turned on, the gasoline engine should be started in time.

Knowledge of ignition device and ignition coil